Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well, and having a fantastic week.

So.. this post is going to be a little different. A peek inside the operation here at Grace Fitness and Nutrition.

I have been struggling with the marketing side of business. I am confident in what I offer, and my “product”. However, selling it, selling “myself” can be a huge challenge! I’ve been putting a lot more awareness into how products are marketed, and just in this past week alone, I have seen MULTIPLE posts on Facebook by my friends that they are receiving random direct messages from people insulting them, and their appearance, in order to sell a product. I, personally, think this is just not right. I do not believe in that method of selling or motivating someone to invest in you! I can not fathom why some one one feels that making someone feel bad about themselves, is the best was to sell something to them. How is pointing out what you think are their flaws, helpful? How is it motivating? The idea of this makes me angry, and leaves me with an awful feeling for those who are getting these messages. A little like this filled with frustration of figuring it all out…


This is why this post is different. I want to let you all in on a secret. Giving everyone a little insight to ME. I want to share a piece of me with you, so you can better understand me, as a person, not just as a coach. And why it is so frustrating and such a struggle for me to grasp the “marketing side” of the business. It appears that, the above spoken way is a new “norm”. (Side note: I completely realize not everyone does this, I am just shocked at how many do – at least this week). It is a way to get someone’s attention. You attack someone’s insecurity, bring it to the forefront of their mind and then tell them how YOU can help change it. Sell them on how YOU can make that insecurity go away, and quickly. Most of the time they don’t even explain their credentials. And the buyer is so wrapped up in the “ugh I don’t like this about myself and this will fix it”, they don’t do their research. They don’t ask, “Who is this person looking to sell me something? What kind of education and certifications do they have in this area?” I want you to know it is OK to ask these questions. In fact, you should be asking. YOU are WORTH asking that question. YOU are WORTH investing in. It isn’t necessarily the product. But I digress! The point of this… to explain why I struggle.

I am confident in ME. I know what I can offer. I know that I am good at coaching people to a healthier, happier self. I’m good at teaching people what healthy is, what it looks like, and how to slowly implement that in their lives by establishing habits one at a time. I’m good at helping people to see the good in themselves, establish a more positive outlook on life, and gain overall confidence in themselves. Those are my goals as a coach, and I’m good at achieving them.

As a result of what I am good at… Do people lose weight? Yes. Is that usually the first reason why someone approaches me for help? Of course it is. However, I believe in healthy lifestyles. I believe in getting to root of the “problem” and building a stronger foundation to step on. And by building that there is a “side effect”. That is usually weight loss. However, does it happen in a month? No. And I try to be as transparent as I can be when speaking to potential “clients” so I make sure that they know that. I don’t believe in marketing fast weight loss. Are there ways out there to lose weight fast? Sure. But I personally believe in the core, foundation of a healthy living. We all want a quick answer, it is human nature. However it is not my style or my core belief. I have found through my years of experience that someone reaching their goal by establishing a healthier lifestyle gets results that are both sustainable and long lasting. That is why I require a 3 month commitment, with my entire program being 12 months long. The goal for me as a coach is that after those 12 months, you have enough knowledge and established habits to continue on yourself!

Back to my original purpose. I’m not a born business women. Like, by any means. My background is in law firms as a paralegal and coaching fitness and nutrition in gyms. I’ve also worked in libraries.. which, as you can imagine, is not too helpful as a business woman. So that being said, I don’t feel too confident in marketing. I’m not great at selling my product. I feel that I’ve made alot of mistakes in that department, and that it is a constant learning curve. And that’s ok. I can’t get better without mistakes. I’ve never really set out to have tons of clients, my whole purpose in this endeavor was to help people! I can’t explain how much I enjoy the fantastic clients I have, right now, and how proud I am that they are doing such big things! I knew that my passion was this! My passion was helping others attain the healthier version of themselves, and to be the best them they can be. I have that, I have the product. The selling is the hard part. That is a work in progress. I am trying to find my way. I am trying to find my voice in a business world that sometimes contains negative and harmful marketing. I refuse to compromise my beliefs in order to sell. And sometimes, that comes with a personal price. My voice isn’t necessarily as loud as those other people.


Gibberish to me ^ lol

I may not be the best at marketing. And I may not be the best at selling, but I truly care about people and their success.. and I do know what BAD business practices are! And making someone feel “less then” in order to make a sale is just not right. We should be lifting people up, and making them feel GOOD.

And that’s what I’m all about. The main purpose of this post isn’t to sell you something, but give you a look into who I am and how I want to run my business. If that make you want to invest in me, I’m more than happy to see if we are a good fit. When you trust someone to be your coach, you’re not just buying their product.. you’re buying into THEM as a person and coach. And because I’m not great at marketing (lol), most people don’t know I’m opening up my program for enrollment to a small number of people on April 10th, with a pre-sale day on April 9th. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me directly or go to my website for more information and to sign up for the presale where you will get the chance to sign up one day early, and to save 25% on a coaching package.

Have a wonderful day everyone, thank you for sticking with me through this post and don’t let others bring you down! Surround yourself with those that lift you UP!

Stay strong, stay beautiful,

Coach Kerri