The Skills Progression Lab is finally here! A program designed to focus on making progress with ONE skill every 4-6 week cycle. Unlock your full potential with our convenient app, dedicating just ~15 minutes or less daily after your WOD. We offer three different levels to cater to every skill level, ensuring continuous improvement no matter where you’re starting from. Experience the power of growth with the Skills Progression Lab today! 

Skill Building Cycles

We work in 6-8 week cycles focusing on ONE skill at a time so you make some serious progress in that time. If your tired of trying to figure it out on your own, or purchasing PDF templates that don’t make it past the printer – this is for you!


We are big on comminuty in the Skills Progression Lab! You’ll connect with others working towards the same goals throughout your journey with us. You’ll have the ability to connect and share all within our app that also delivers your programming.


Goal Setting made easy

One skill focus, 3x per week, ~15mins after your WOD. Each cycle we have a different focus, and as a member YOU get to vote for what you’d like to work on next. If you feel your programming is lacking real skill progression, then this is the place for you…join us!


Three levels of programming are provided so there is an appropriate level for everyone! Whether you are wanting to learn/get your first rep of a skill – or improve upon/get more reps of an already mastered skill – we have something for everyone! You get access to all three levels so you can choose the appropriate level based on the movement chosen for that cycle.

We Develop a Plan that works for You

Easy in-app Coaching


Coaching focusing on skill progression


A Community doing it with you


About Me


CrossFit L-2, USAW-L1, Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach

I’m a paralegal turned CrossFit Coach in 2012 who left the law office behind to coach full time and have never looked back. While I love CrossFit, there is a huge gap in skills training, which is a FAVORITE of mine. I used to run a skills progression class and it was my favorite hour of the week. The joy of someone hitting their first *insert goal movement here* is the absolute best feeling ever! But… More people than I can count have been doing banded pull-ups and negatives for YEARS in the box with little progress. Same for toes to bar, muscle ups, double unders, etc… I’m now on a mission to merge my knowledge and experience coaching CrossFit,  with my love knowledge and experience for developing skills to give CrossFitters the education and coaching to maximize their training through all seasons of life.