Who doesn’t live a crazy busy life these days? I know I do. Living a Paleo lifestyle while always on the go isn’t the easiest thing to do. But it CAN be done! Maybe you’ve already taken the dive head first into this clean eating lifestyle and are struggling to make it work…or maybe you’re hesitant to even try it because you don’t think you have the time to make it work. I’d like to reassure you that it can! I am literally always on the go. There are days I get up and out at 4am, and am out of the house until 9pm. I have two jobs, CrossFit coach as you all know and I also work part time at a law firm. The schedule is insane and some days/weeks I just feel like I am never home. The key is to be prepared! If you aren’t, you can end up all like my friend up top!

1) Never skip food shopping day!Whole-Foods-Market-store-Detroit-03

Step number 1, you’ve gotta go buy that food. I know this sounds like a given, but sometimes just doing that is like pulling teeth. I buy all the food I will need for the week. I am way too busy to be stopping at the grocery store 2-3 times a week, especially after working all day.  I used to write a list but now I go in and pretty much know what to get just by walking around. If you need help with what to get, there are plenty of resources online, I like this shopping list from Paleo on a Budget:  http://paleoonabudget.com/shopping-list/. Just make sure to eat through your groceries starting with the most perishable items first and saving the hardier ones for later. Here is a great chart outlining how long those perishables last.


2) Have a prep day!

I normally plan my prep day to be the same day I go food shopping. I get home, lay it all out there and cook away. I make what I (as well as others, don’t wanna get in trouble here) like to call my meat bucket. I cook all the meat I will need for the week. Whether it be chicken breasts, pot roast, pork chops etc etc. I normally cook and store them plain if I plan to incorporate them in some type of recipe, or seasoned if not. I like to prepare veggies same day, they don’t tend to take all that long to cook. I can come home, get the veggies started and heat up rest for a quick dinner after a long day, especially if they are already chopped up and ready to go 🙂


3) Prepare meals ahead of time, and have them ready to go!

This goes right along with number 2, and already quickly mentioned it. During my prep day I’ll sort out my lunch meals and pack them in tupperware ready to just grab and go. Having meals already prepared and ready to take for breakfast or lunch is key! This way you can literally just reach in the fridge, throw everything in your lunch bag or cooler and be right on your way. Easy peasy when it’s already done 🙂


4) Always have a snack on hand!

If you’re anything like me, you’re hungry all the time. All. The. Time. I need to have things to snack on or else I’m looking for the quickest thing. And usually the quickest thing is not the healthiest thing. I make my own trail mix by buying everything that I want in it separately and mix it together myself. Portion it out in zip lock bags and it’s ready to go. This tends to be cost effective. Also, unsweetened applesauce, hard boiled eggs, fruit, veggies, nut butters (soo deliciously dangerous) and jerky all make easy on the go snacks to munch on.


If you are new to this type of lifestyle, it does take some time getting used to. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it becomes easier and faster! There is just no such thing as over-prepared.

What are your tips and tricks for Paleo on the Go?