So. It’s ‘only’ been three years since I’ve last posted, and a LOT has happened in that time. I’ll try to not be too long winded while filling you in what’s happened, and what’s happenING 🙂 . Since my last post, I have since gotten:

  • A coaching job one class a week at NoRisk CrossFit (NRCF)
  • A boyfriend
  • A full time job coaching at NRCF
  • Engaged and married to said boyfriend
  • Pregnant which led to leaving my full time coaching gig to be a stay at home mom
  • My beautiful (ok handsome), energetic and sometimes crazy 16 month old son named Jameson 😍
  • CrossFit level 2 certification
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification
  • Completed Brianna Battles Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Course (I’ve been doing a TON of learning), and
  • Am working my way through the Online Trainers Academy

A little bit about being a Mom. It is by far both the most rewarding and most difficult job I have ever had. It’s really hard to not only keep another human alive and happy and thriving, but do all the things you think you need to do to be the “perfect” Mom to ensure they turn into a “perfect” adult someday. I use quotations since there is absolutely no such thing 😂


My Family 😍


en into an excellent rhythm with motherhood, I miss the gym. Most of all, I miss helping people. It’s an amazing feeling to help someone achieve a goal, no matter what that goal may be! Recently I’ve been on the path to figuring out how I can help people again..

And Grace Fitness and Nutrition (GFN) was born! I have two passions to pursue and GFN encompasses them both! The first is helping anyone and everyone meet their fitness and nutrition goals. I will be using ProCoach software as a platform to coach you remotely to meet all of your goals! I’m really excited for this as I’ve been testing out the software myself and I am loving it! A couple of things I love most about this opportunity is that I get to be there Coaching you everyday, without you having to pay for me to be there every day and I also love the habit based coaching method. You work on a new habit every day for two weeks before moving onto a new one that builds upon the previous habit. This is a fantastic way to build life changing habits and skills, and get great results. My goal is that after a year of training, you’ll be well educated and able to make great nutrition and fitness decisions on your own (or you can stick with me as a coach if you choose 🙂).

The second passion stems from my pregnancy and postpartum (pp) journey (I may get long winded here, but I really think it’s important). So as a coach with pregnant or pp clients, like many others, I first asked if the Dr had them on any restrictions and then told them to “listen to their body”. If something hurts or is uncomfortable obviously stop and don’t do it anymore, anddd that was about it. When I became pregnant myself, I learned quickly how annoying that advice can be. I received the same advice myself, and heck, I am a coach I should know what I am doing, right? Wrong. I have ended up with a 3 finger diastasis of the abdomen and possible umbilical hernia (I am currently still working on healing 16 months pp). After I was cleared by my midwife (and told I was fine even though I knew I wasn’t) I continued back to the gym doing what I always did because I was told it was ok. I quickly learned it was not and knew something was very wrong. My abdomen wasn’t firing and I could feel the separation, which was (and still is) also painful. I started doing some research and tried to go about healing myself. Didn’t work. A good friend of mine showed me Brianna Battles webpage and that she had a Course for Coaches! It was AMAZING! I love this course so much, I have learned so much about the body itself, how it functions during both pregnancy and postpartum, and how to avoid and facilitate healing of common dysfunctions after childbirth including:

  • Incontinence (How many of you have peed a little jump roping? I KNOW it’s a lot!)
  • Diastasis recti
  • Prolapse
  • And much more

Ladies, just because something is common does not mean it’s normal! So I’m now on a mission to bring education to the fitness world on how to prevent and heal these dysfunctions. I’m offering 1 on 1 coaching for pregnant and postpartum women, remote coaching for pregnant and pp athletes, and seminars for both communities AND for coaches. I think it’s SO important for coaches to have this information and be able to effectively and safely coach women through these periods in their life.

I could honestly go on and on but I will stop here and simply say, thanks for reading! Leave a comment of what you think and please go check out for more information!

Stay strong and beautiful,