2014 has been a year of many big changes in my life. I left the corporate world to be a full time CrossFit Coach, I became single again after thinking I was with that one, the full time CrossFit gig fell through after a long stressful process and I reluctently found a part time job at a law firm, and now I’ve made the decision (also reluctantly) to leave the gym where I found CrossFit. About three years ago I walked into Ocean State CrossFit nervous and excited. It took all of one workout to fall in love with this sport and this place. I learned quickly that CrossFit is about so much more than just lifting weights and working out, it’s about the community. I’ve seen and been a part of the OSCF community from when we had two coaches and probably 50 members to now that we have more than 10 coaches and over 300 members. OSCF very quickly became a second home and you all became a second family to me.

kb photo

My very early days of CF, my arms are so little lol

first box

The original box, I think this was a Saturday class

first box 2

Original box, Mike Berling coached this class. So many butt raspberries this day.

I sit here and look back and remember my very first days of coaching. I was the first female coach of OSCF on the weekly schedule, and after shadowing Will I started out with one class a week on Friday nights.. the last class of the night at 6:30. Even though it was filled with my friends, I remember I was so nervous. I studied before every class on new ways to break down the movements, and I’m pretty sure I was hard to hear and I maybe even stuttered the first few weeks. It took a little while before I became comfortable and confident in my “coaching skin” and eventually I earned more classes, coaching every weekday. It was when I left my full time “big girl” job to work at the gym full time that I really got to experience coaching for all it has to offer. I was able to meet more athletes I hadn’t had the chance to coach while I was stuck in the 9-5 grind, and really dive into growing as a coach. I started studying for my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification and also focused on learning and exploring the world of nutrition.

new NP

My fellow coaches and I breaking in OSCF NP, first WOD there!

two loves put together

My two favorite things to do are portrayed in this one.. taking photos of our first Mistletoe Throwdown!

wods in park

WOD in the park #2

midnight wodness

Midnight Wodness, check out Gergen’s outfit in the back ;)

won in park 5

Wods in the Park #5?

I remember our first events, outings, parties, the good times and the bad times. Hanging out every night at the old box, I never wanted to leave. OSCF got me through some of the lowest and roughest days of my life, and I’ve come out stronger than ever. I’ve seen the growth and development of athletes, some of whom are now coaches themselves. We’ve moved from one building to another and there’s been many coats of paint put on the walls. The thought of the number of hours spent and blood, sweat, and tears I have left in that place makes me feel a little overwhelmed. I want you all to know I gave my all every day I was there, and every time one of you hit a PR or got a new skill… I felt as good, or even better, than had I done it myself.


Volunteer shot, I believe this was our first event

first Murph

First Murph, I somehow survived

murph #2

Murph #2 with everyone!

murph #3

Murph #3, first time completing it Rx with the weight vest :)

It was pretty much one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made to leave OSCF. And while it was unexpected, I’m looking at this as an opportunity for me to grow as both a coach and an athlete. It makes me thing of the saying “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, that’s where the magic happens.” Having to find a new CrossFit home certainly isn’t comfortable, but it’s an opportunity that I plan on making the best out of. I won’t stop doing what I love, and I’m certainly not disappearing. This is the next step on my journey, and like that first day I walked into OSCF and also the first day I put on my OSCF coaches shirt, I am both nervous and excited.

murph #3 not finishing alone

What CF is all about, the boy in the middle was last going on Murph… we wouldn’t let him finish alone!

team oscf

Team OSCF at my first Tough Mudder

Ghetto Games

My first time competing at another gym!

supporting each other

And cheering on others in their first competition!

I’m not really sure how to conclude my post. I feel like there is so much to say. I’ve met and coached and worked out along side the most incredible people for the past three years, and I can’t thank all of you enough for everything. You’ve all made my life better, in too many ways to count or say.  I love each and every one of you, and I look forward to continue seeing you all grow, as athletes and individuals. I’m not going far, and I’m always here if you need something. I’d like the opportunity for us all to get together and have a good time, so I’m inviting you all to Brutopia this coming Friday, September 19th at 8pm. I hope you can come!

day trips

Sunday trip to the Block :)

ma peoples

Post Couples Therapy, I love this photo. “Ma peoples!”

OSCF wall