The world is super busy these days, right? Everyone has somewhere to be, five minutes ago…and somewhere else to be ten minutes after that. We have jobs, significant others, children, parents, siblings, friends….never mind hobbies or other interests that WE want to have time for. Now add in leading a healthy lifestyle, going to the gym, cooking etc… It can be SO overwhelming! And if you don’t have a coach to help guide you on how to implement all of these things into your individual life, it can feel dang near impossible. So I created this list of very easy simple things you can start doing right now to get you healthier than you were yesterday 🙂 If you have any simple health hacks that you love, let me know what they are in the comments!

1.Carry a (filled) water bottle with you every where. 

We all know that water is important to our health. But it can be easy to forget to get those glasses in during the day! Invest in a water bottle that you love, it can be colorful, fancy, have a saying you love on it, keep your water cold for 8 hours…whatever you find yourself loving, and carry it with you EVERYWHERE. In the car, at work, at your child’s sports events, wherever you go – it should be with you. This is remind you to actually drink the water inside, and inevitably your water intake will increase! Cheers!


2. Set an alarm to go off every hour during the day, and get up to go on a short walk (at least 1 minute).

Movement is extremely important for your health! Getting in any amount of extra movement throughout the day will have a great positive impact on your health. Whether you are someone that works at a desk all day, a new mom sitting with your baby throughout the day, or if you have an active job and tend to sit on the couch and binge Netflix show all weekend – and everyone in between – this is a great tip for you! Set a timer on your phone (or a reminder) for every hour throughout the day. When it goes off, get up from wherever you are, stretch a bit if that feels good and go for a short walk. This gets you moving, blood flowing, and a change of scenery can be great to keep you focused at work or other tasks.

There are a number of apps that you can download to help you with this also. For iOS systems, Stand Up! The Work Break Timer is great, and for Android users, try Randomly RemindMe. Both are free to use!

Bonus points if you grab someone to go with you AND if you can get outside to do this!


3. Go outside for 5 minutes every day.

Being outside, soaking up some sunshine, experiencing nature can have so many benefits for our health – ranging from getting Vitamin D from the sun to benefiting our mental health taking a break to breathe in some fresh air and appreciate nature. You can simply sit outside and soak it up, do some yard work or gardening, go for a walk around the block, take your kids to a playground, endless possibilities. I think it’s easy these days to forget how many opportunities there are for fun outside! Even in the colder months, bundle up and get out! It can help with cabin fever and always feeling cooped up.


4. Extend the time it takes you to eat your meals. Set a timer for 20 mins and try to make your meal last until the timer goes off.

If you are taking more time to eat your meals, it forces you to slow down and appreciate what you’re eating. What are some tips to put this in action? Put your fork down in between bites, have conversation with whomever you may be eating with, or takes sips of water to extend out the time of your meal. The benefit here is that when you slow down the eating process, you give your body more time to recognize when it’s satisfied and therefor can better avoid that overstuffed feeling when you’ve eaten too much. You can also appreciate your food more, taking time to notice the flavors, textures, smells and more – leading to a more mindful eating experience which can be incredibly satisfying. Give it a try!


5. Invest in a Crock Pot and/or Instant Pot.

For the busy individual these tools can be invaluable! A crock pot can put set up in the morning, left to run during the day and BOOM is done and ready for you when it’s dinner time Simply load up the healthy ingredients, turn that puppy on and let it do the work!

An Instant Pot is equally helpful, but in a different way. An Instant Pot can significantly cut down on cooking time for many different meals. Cook an entire roast in 35 minutes, chili in 15, it can make yogurt, rice, you can even put frozen meat in it if you’ve forgotten to take something out for dinner! It comes with full instructions and a cook book to help you get started. Also, you can google just about any kind of food and “Instant Pot” to find a recipe!

Two ways to have healthy meals made and waiting for you with less time then being home to roast, , etc..

There you have it! Five simple things you can do right now to be healthier than yesterday. Let me know your simple tips and tricks in the comments. If you want to continue to get tips, tricks, and be part of a community – please join my free FaceBook group

For more information about me, my coaching philosophy, and what I can offer you visit my website. Have a fantastic day and thanks for reading!

Stay strong, stay beautiful,

Coach Kerri