Our Mission Statement

#TheDiastasisProject aims to provide quality, fear-free information and resources to both professionals and the public regarding Diastasis Recti without the usual financial barriers.

#TheDiastasisProject is the brainchild of founder and Chief Executive Officer Antony Lo aka The Physio Detective. He has a passion for accurate women’s health information to be accessible to the public at low cost. I have teamed up with Antony on #TheDiastasisProject as the Chief Operations Officer as I also have a passion for women’s health, and especially Diastasis Recti and fully believe in the mission and objectives. 

Many myths abound about women’s health and specifically the diastasis rectus. Some people prey on the vulnerabilities and insecurities of women, they use fear-based marketing and scare campaigns to either get them to buy their products/services or imprison women into thinking they are weak, and vulnerable and must be limited in movement and choice or else!

#TheDiastasisProject aims to dispel these myths, remove the mysteries, provide clear, accurate, research-based evidence in an easy-to-understand format.

Watch This Webinar Which Explains the Project