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Women are not just small men. Our coaching reflects that.




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Hello! I’m Kerri

CrossFit L-2, USAW-L1, Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach

I’m a paralegal turned CrossFit Coach in 2012 who left the law office behind to coach full time and have never looked back. After my own experience with pregnancy, postpartum, and Diastasis Recti in 2016, I saw the huge gap in knowledge in the CrossFit world when it comes to women-specific knowledge, and how to adequately train women through all stages of life. I’ve since been on a mission to merge my knowledge and experience coaching CrossFit, with knowledge and experience working in women’s health to give CrossFitters the education and coaching to maximize their training through all seasons of life.

My Expertise

Core & Pelvic Floor

Skills Based Programming

{CrossFit} Gymnastics

Getting Back to CF Postpartum

Diastasis Recti

Olympic Weightlifting

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Return to High Impact



Double Unders

Client-Centered Coaching

My Approach & Values

I have a client-first approach to my coaching. The things that you want to do are always asked about, considered, and front of mind. My goal as a coach is to support and guide you to your goals, and to work WITH you as a team.

No one knows your life and body better than you do.

In literally 2 months I went from the girl that could barely do 1 kipping pullup to the animal that can officially link 3 ttb. 3 kipping pull-ups. And I did 3 strict pull ups for a 10 min emom today!

Postpartum CrossFitter

I have enjoyed the workouts, it's already having a positive effect on how I feel and also helped me become more conscious.. getting back to me!! Woohoo!!

Postpartum CrossFitter

You created a stronger foundation than I've ever had. You made me trust the process. And you held the reins back when you needed to, making me more patient with myself. I am so happy with where I am, even if not as lean or strong as I'd like. I will be. And you have everything to do with that.

Postpartum CrossFitter

It went crazy good! I could get to about 50 [double unders] before I felt symptoms. That's a huge improvement. I am so thankful for your help.


On a side note, aside from the 300# deadlift (which is coming!) I hit allll my 1 year postpartum goals. And I hit most of them by 9 months.

Postpartum CrossFitter

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